The Third Floor:
Process Improvement and Change Management Consultants

Rapid advances in technology allow us to better understand our customers' needs than ever before. So it's no surprise your customers' expectations around service levels are also growing exponentially. We are living in a time of massive market change, disruption and competition. Standing still in this environment means falling behind.

At The Third Floor we help our clients meet the need for change. Efficient processes are the key, so we make sure yours are always fit for purpose. We use a practical change methodology — Aware, Willing & Able, designed to get your teams working together. Whether we're enhancing business process, supporting change or managing business projects we bring a fresh perspective that helps you find a better way that delivers towards your business goals.

Our team is deeply experienced in delivering successful change projects. Unlike most consultants, who come from a finance background, our experience is in sales and marketing. We place the customer at the centre of your business and approach our problem-solving accordingly. Our team are tech-savvy but also incredibly talented at communicating change across the organisation. And the final thing you need to know is that our preference is always for practical action. This means that we don't push a particular methodology, we adapt our approach to your business.



All our work is tied to the core goal of a better customer engagement


Because you only pay for agreed outcomes, we’re an efficient cost choice


Not being locked in to one methodology means you get a solution specifically adapted to your needs.


Experienced and Trusted (or Been There, Done That)

We’ve worked with businesses from multinationals to sole traders, so irrespective of the size of your problem, the size of your business or the systems you work on, The Third Floor is well placed to support you.

Case Studies

We worked with the NRL to establish a new Project Management Office function in the business.

The project incorporated PMO toolkit & template creation; process implementation; and training and coaching for PMO staff.

At oOh! Media, we delivered a comprehensive process assessment and improvement project with their core operations and sales and marketing teams.

We ran a series of workshops, supported with documentation and training, to embed a consistent approach to systems and processes across the team.

The Third Floor team delivered the change management function to support Nuplex’s Supply Chain Transformation project.

We ran stakeholder engagement, internal and external communication, training and development and coaching for managers and staff.